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My name is Estee and welcome to my little pocket of cyberspace.

I think that when you know someone, you can find traces and expressions of them in their art. Or the other way around: when you see someone's art, you can come to learn a lot about them. So here's a little about me, to fill in the rest after you've looked through my photos.

I love the outdoors and sunlight and fresh-air and paying attention to the little moments of our reality that we very often overlook. Like the little expressions on people's faces and the wordless stories happening constantly. I love things most when they're natural, creative and whimsical.

And I love photographing families and children. Capturing the real life moments for families to keep forever. It's a certain thrill of a feeling to feel like I've captured something authentic, beautiful and artistic. But what truly makes it all worth it for me is the joy I see when clients receive their images. There's nothing like having a frozen tangible moment of what makes life meaningful in this world of fast-paced and frenzied.

How grateful people are to themselves for taking the time and energy to *pause* and record.

If you want to hear more about the process of the actual photoshoot (and details) head over to the INVESTMENT page.

Thanks for stopping by here. I hope you can feel some of the smiles in the photographs, the joy in togetherness and the gratefulness for life.

And if you have any questions or comments, I'm more than happy to hear from you!

All the best!


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